Circuit Training Workouts Are Bad?

Circuit training workouts are pretty intense and only allow you to take short breaks between exercises.The thing is, circuit training exercises can be bad for you if done the wrong way and can lead to injury. The following article by Craig Ballantyne of Turbulence Training fame will explain why circuit training needs to change and why there is a better solution called Metabolic Resistance Training.

Craig has allowed me to publish this great article about how circuit training workouts can be seriously dangerous to your health. He called it the ‘Death of Circuit Training’ and after reading the article you will see why. Craig has been in the physical fitness industry for years and knows what he his talking about. When he says something we should listen. [Read more...]

Why Do You Need A Weight Training Guide?

More and more people have realized that regular exercise is vital to stay young in mind and body. No matter who you are, it’s important for everyone to exercise regularly it they want stay fit and to have a better lifestyle. We live in a world where people often judge you on your physical appearance, and being fit and healthy-looking can certainly affect the way others perceive you. [Read more...]

Gain 10 Pounds Of Muscle In 3 Days

Gain 10 pounds of muscle in just 3 days” the large advert in that bodybuilding magazine promises you.

There will be pictures of a bodybuilder with enormous muscles, grinning away at you, and some before and after pictures that will have you spellbound.

Strategically located phrases like “scientifically proven” and “the secret professionals use” will make you reach for your phone and credit card.

But just a minute! [Read more...]

Do Amino Acids Help Build Muscle?

Do amino acids help build muscle? Obviously so because amino acids are the building blocks of protein which plays a vital role to play in building muscle. Have you ever thought why some body builders manage to develop well-defined muscles? Well, there are many factors that are involved in the creation of a well-toned body and taking amino acid body building supplements is something that truly dedicated bodybuilders rely on.

Serious bodybuilders are careful about what they eat and like a protein-rich diet to help muscle grow. Eating plenty of protein helps to supply the essential amino acids that are needed for building muscle. If you need to build muscle fast then protein supplements will help enormously. [Read more...]

Natural BodyBuilding Without Anabolics

natural bodybuildingNatural bodybuilding programs are where the body will get all the necessary nutrients through a balanced nutritional diet, without dangerous supplements. And, when we focus on the topic of amateur and professional body building, most people are conscious of the prevalence of anabolic steroids in bodybuilding and weight lifting workouts.

Of course, there are a number of performance enhancing drugs which are widely used in competitive body building. But a  natural bodybuilder with any sense will shun anabolics and only use natural body building which is fundamentally a drug free method for building muscle. If you want to gain muscle mass safely, you should always opt for drug free natural bodybuilding. [Read more...]

Starting Strength Training Workouts

The sooner you start strength training workouts, the sooner your general health will improve. Most of us wait until  we get seriously out of shape before beginning a strength and conditioning training program, when it is makes more sense to prevent getting that way in the first place. Strength training is suitable for both men and women, although it will probably differ slightly in some respects for obvious reasons.

Strength training is one of the most rigorous training workouts that you can experience. proper training progression is based on improving strength and conditioning.  The exercises that you do during a body building workout benefits you in a number of ways. Doing body building exercises for only a few days every week will increase your stamina, boost your metabolism, and provided you eat a nutritious diet will develop lean, strong muscles. You can even do bodyweight strength training routines such as pushups , lunges and calf raises at home.  [Read more...]